Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hair Regrowth

How to Naturally Regrow Hair

This first thing you must do is to stop anything that may be damaging your hair. This could be chemicals, heat and expensive salon treatments. These temporary fixes are nice for a while, but they end up damaging your hair and, more importantly, your hair follicles. Once the follicles are damaged or destroyed, your hair will begin thinning. It will be weaker and stringier. Once the damage is done, it becomes more of a challenge to naturally regrow hair, but if you can stop the damage now you can begin the regrowth process.
The most common method of natural hair regrowth involves vitamin and mineral supplements. Biotin (Vitamin B7) is a natural hair follicle strengthener. It is also great for the skin and nails. The highest recommended dose for hair growth is 5 mg, but usually .5 to .7 mg of biotin daily is a good starting point.  Biotin has been shown safe even at high levels, but any more than the recommended dosage probably isn’t going to help much, so there is no reason to overdo it.
I started taking biotin at 5 mg and moved up to 1 mg within about a month. Within about three weeks I noticed my nails and skin seemed much healthier. Within about 6 weeks I noticed my hair thickening and coming in stronger. But it took about 6 months on biotin and a few other supplements before I noticed some really significant changes.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally for Women

You’ve probably noticed that pregnant women often have beautiful hair and skin. Many people like to claim that this is a result of the how to regrow hair naturallyprenatal vitamins that women take when they are expecting. The fact is that prenatal vitamins just don’t have enough of the right things in them for natural hair growth.
What you are seeing is the result of increased blood flow to the scalp and follicles that is taking more of the vital nutrients and vitamins that the hair needs to grow long and strong. But this proves that hair can be affected by the nutrition that the follicles receive.
That being said, there are a number of supplements,vitamins and minerals besides biotin that are extremely helpful to the hair follicles. These include:
Many of these natural plant-extracts work by blocking DHT from binding with receptors in the follicles. This allows the hair follicles to work more efficiently and continue to produce hair longer. Other great vitamins and minerals are:
Most of these are available over the counter from a nutrition center or grocery store health isle. Always ask your doctor about possible side effects with other medicine or existing health problems.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally for Men

The most common chemical treatment prescribed to men for hair loss treatment is minoxidil, the ingredient found in the Rogaine brand. Minoxidil is a DHT testosterone blocker and it has been shown in laboratory tests to significantly regrow hair. For natural DHT blockers, nettle root and saw palmetto are the way to go.
Just remember that with any DHT blocker the hair follicles will return to the same condition they were in before if you stop the treatment, so long term use may be required. For this reason, I suggest you have a serious conversation with your doctor before starting them.
Now you’ve got some tips on how to regrow hair naturally. Just remember, there is no quick fix to regrowing hair, especially if you are taking the natural route. However, natural treatments are often safer and have fewer side effects than the many chemical and surgical treatments available on the market today. Be patient, stick to a plan and you can get the results you want for your hair.